Lossiemouth jets return to keep tabs on Russian Baltic intrusion

Group Captain Paul Godfrey - 'essential' mission
Group Captain Paul Godfrey – ‘essential’ mission

FOUR RAF TYPHOONS flew out from Moray yesterday to Estonia where they will join US and Portuguese air forces in protecting the Baltic States from incursions by neighbouring Russia.

The aircraft from II(AC) Squadron at RAF Lossiemouth are to spend around four months based at Amara Airfield where they will repeat the mission carried out by 6 Squadron last summer.

Then the Typhoons were involved in 17 missions, intercepting 36 aircraft during their four month stay at the same base.

Last night the Lossiemouth station commander, Group Captain Paul Godfrey, stressed the importance of the mission by the Moray-based aircraft: “We are deploying to the Baltics to essential do what we do here on a day to day basis at RAF Lossiemouth.

“We will provide an air to air capability for the Baltic States some of which have not got the capabilities that we have. I think it is fantastically important as it shows our commitment to Nato and to those who are around us.”

The Lossiemouth crews will operate alongside US Air Force surveillance aircraft and share their Quick Reaction Alert role with F16’s from Portugal. When 6 Squadron returned from Estonia in August last year their word was hailed as “exceptional”.