Moray Typhoons remain at forefront of operations in Iraq and Syria

Typhoons continue to apply pressure on Daesh
Typhoons continue to apply pressure on Daesh

MINISTRY OF DEFENCE updates on the activities of RAF Lossiemouth-based Typhoons over Iraq and Syria have been detailing further successes.

The detachment from Moray have been active on an almost daily basis since their deployment in December to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus, with their latest missions including an attack on a Daesh-held building and stockpile of rockets near Fallujah.

Media reports have indicated that a major operation in the area between Iraqi ground forces and Daesh groups who are said to have been responsible for suicide attacks elsewhere in the country.

The MoD spokesman reported: “On Wednesday 30 March, Royal Air Force Typhoon FGR4s, flying from Akrotiri, used Paveway IV guided bombs to strike a Daesh-held building and a stockpile of concealed rockets near Fallujah. In northern Iraq, near Mosul, a second Typhoon flight destroyed two more buildings used as bases by the terrorists.

“Typhoons were also active over western Iraq on Friday, April 1. A Daesh truck armed with an anti-aircraft gun was successfully bombed north-east of Ramadi and Paveways were used to destroy a fuel tanker converted into a truck bomb near Hit and a bunker west of Fallujah where terrorists had been spotted.”

Six Typhoons from the Moray base have been involved alongside their ground support in Cyprus. Last month the RAF detachment was praised during a visit by the officer commanding the Typhoon force, Air Commodore Ian Duguid, praised the Lossiemouth crews during a visit to Cyprus.