Shoppers left furious at 90-minute wait to exit car park

In quieter times - Edgar Road chaos is being caused by water main repairs
In quieter times – Edgar Road chaos is being caused by water main repairs

SHOPPERS ARE BEING left angry and frustrated as road repairs continue to cause chaos on Elgin’s Edgar Road this weekend.

Repairs have been under way on what is thought to have been a burst water main at the roundabout controlling traffic leaving the Asda Superstore.

As holiday weekend traffic built on Friday there was fury amongst shoppers who found themselves locked-in to the store car park as it took up to 90 minutes to negotiate the road works.

Readers flooded insideMoray’s mailbox last night as they complained of ‘chaos’ – with staff at the store doing all they could to alleviate the situation. A concerned reader told insideMoray that they had to offer assistance to one shopper who required medication but did not take it with him as he never anticipated being trapped in a gridlock situation.

Another said: “It was a totally unacceptable situation – I know that these things happen, water had been flooding out on the road for a week before any action was taken. When they finally arrived to fix it they set up the road works – and the result has been absolute bedlam all week.

“It got worse on Friday though – much worse. I believe that staff in the store even called the police to try and see if they would take control of the situation. To be fair to Asda their staff were out there doing everything they could to control a situation that was certainly not of their making.”

The chaos has not been restricted to Asda, with other stores badly affected at peak times – at one stage yesterday traffic was tailed back as far as Wards Road.

Many took to Social Media to warn others of the situation with Hazel McPherson saying: “Eventually they got someone out to try and organise the chaos made worse by the fact that car park itself leads to considerable unfairness in terms of turn-taking as a result of frustration. It was much the same last Friday so they should have been better prepared.”

Nobody was available last night at Scottish Water to provide information on how long the works are likely to cause disruption in the area.