Concern growing over inexorable march of giant hogweed

Wild Things! teams are taking on the giant hogweed threat - but need help.
Wild Things! teams are taking on the giant hogweed threat – but need help.

CONCERN IS GROWING over the prevalence of a plant that poses a real danger to people, wildlife and the local environment.

Environmental charity group Wild Things! are appealing for more volunteers to join them in a regular battle to control the growing threat of Giant Hogweed in various parts of Moray.

People have suffered severe burns as a result of coming into contact with the non-native plant, which can cause painful blister when it has come into contact with the skin. It is also known that if the sap comes into contact with the eye it can cause blindness.

Pets have already suffered chemical burns after coming into contact with the plants around Forres.

A spokesman for Wild Things! said: “We are concerned about the prevalence of giant hogweed growing in several areas of Moray and that is something we are trying to help control.

“For that, however, we need more volunteers to come out and help us to control it – and now is the time, before it gets too big and starts to flower.

“We are working with Moray Waste Busters almost every Saturday throughout the summer from 10am until 3pm – all protective closing, equipment and necessary training is given to those who come to help us.”

Last year members of the Innes Community Council warned of the increasing dangers being posed by giant hogweed, saying that the banks of the River Spey were infested with noxious plots of it and Japanese knotweed.

The Crown Estate said then it was doing all possible to control the plants, while Moray Council have said that they, too, will always remove invasive plants when they appear on council-owned land.

People willing to assist the Wild Things! effort are being asked to contact them on 01309 690450 or by email to

In addition, anyone unable to volunteer but you would like to support their work with removing the hogweed and other invasive plants can donate through Paypal to