Elgin ‘Scream’ mask attacker to serve 409 days in prison

'Scream' mask attacker is jailed
‘Scream’ mask attacker is jailed

A DRUG ADDICT who attempted to rob a teenager at a Moray industrial estate was jailed for a little over a year when he appeared in court at Elgin this week.

36-year-old Robert Lawson threatened his intended victim Charlie Kelman with a hammer after stopping him at the Tyock Industrial Estate in Elgin on December 12 last year.

The court learned that Lawson had disguised himself by wearing a ‘scream’ mask when he subjected his victim to what was described as a “frightening experience”.

His Lawson’s defence, solicitor Steven Carty said that his client had been addicted to Class A drugs throughout his life, and was “quite clearly under the influence of drugs” at the time of the offence. Mr Kelman, 18, was walking through the industrial estate when he was challenged by Lawson.

His attacker demanded money – but when told that he did not have any, Lawson instead asked for his bank card and phone instead – before walking away empty handed.

Mr Carty told the court that his client had no memory of the attack. Lawson was sentenced to 409 days in prison.