End of the road for Royal Mail delivery office

Royal Mail delivery office in Lossiemouth will cease to operate next month
Royal Mail delivery office in Lossiemouth will cease to operate next month

LETTERS ARE DROPPING through the mailboxes of Lossiemouth residents this week confirming the closure of the local Royal Mail delivery office.

From Monday, June 6, delivery services to one of Moray’s largest communities will be transferred to Elgin in a move that Royal Mail insist is required to ‘streamline’ their service and will, they claim, have very little impact on customers.

The letter from Greg Donaldson, the Delivery Section Manager at Royal Mail Elgin, says: “We don’t expect this relocation to have any noticeable effect on your mail deliveries or to the people who deliver your mail.”

Mr Donaldson claims that it was the drop in mail deliveries that prompted the move, although his letter makes no mention of the local protest made when the idea was first revealed earlier this year.

He said: “Faced with declining mail volumes and the growth of electronic communication in an increasingly competitive postal market, Royal Mail is currently undertaking one of the biggest transformations in UK industry.

“We have fewer letter to deliver and more parcels, so we need to modernise the way we operate – which includes better use of buildings and equipment. We are making these changes to maintain services and keep our prices as low as possible, whilst providing improved working conditions for our people.”

Customers are warned that there may be a “period of adjustment” for the local delivery team.