Forres residents get the FACT’s behind Council services online

Moray Connected
Moray Connected – information evening in Forres today

A MORAY COMMUNITY is hosting a meeting this evening that highlights the changes being made in online services provided by the Moray Council.

The Forres Area Community Trust (FACT) will be welcoming team members from the council’s Moray Connected project at an open information evening today at 7pm.

During the session, information will be shared with the public about what changes are being made to make council services available online 24/7. The move to online access will give people in Moray more flexibility over when and where they access information over the internet.

Moray Council staff will outline what has already been achieved in the project so far, what’s currently in development and what will be happening in the near future.

There will also be an overview and advanced insight into the upcoming launch of ‘myaccount’, a secure portal which enables people to register and login to manage all public sector interactions in Scotland. Examples of what ‘myaccount’ can be used for will be given and the benefits for using the service outlined.

A sharing of ideas with the team will also be encouraged so that improvements can be made to the Moray Council website, and local people can put forward suggestions on what they would like to be able to do online the Moray Connected portal.

Support and advice to access and use the internet and the Moray Connected portal will also be available through the FACT Forres Online project which allows free internet access, use of laptops and one-one to support.

To find out more and get involved, come along at 7pm this evening to the FACT Office at Leask Road Hall, Forres.