Ghostly apparitions continue at former Elgin care home

Bishopmill House - ghostly apparition appeared at upper floor window.
Bishopmill House – ghostly apparition appeared at upper floor window.

GHOSTLY APPARITIONS ARE once again the talk of a Moray community at the former care home that has lain empty for several years.

Bishopmill House was built on the site of a former poor house – and has for many years been the subject of intense speculation with sightings of ‘ghostly figures’ appearing.

These included sightings reported in the reply to a Freedom of Information Request to Moray Council, where it was confirmed that a Clerk of Works had spotted an apparition moving “quite rapidly” that appeared to be “an old lady carrying a bag”.

The official cleared out quick – and was told later that it was a fairly common sighting, one of several at similar sites throughout Scotland.

Now, insideMoray has obtained a short video taken by 12-year-old Fraser Sandison, who lives just opposite Bishopmill House. Fraser spotted something moving in a window on the upper floor and got his phone out to film the scene – what he captured was what appeared to be a figure that stands in the window before turning away.

Fraser’s mum Elspeth said she and her son took a walk around the building to see if there were any signs of life: “It would not be easy at all to break into the building as all the ground floor windows and doors are firmly boarded up – there had been some kids trying to get in via the roof but they gave up.

“There are no amenities connected to the building now as it is presumed it is being prepared for demolition – we walked all the way around the building and could see no way that it could have been someone breaking in.”

Elspeth added that the latest sighting was one of many spotted by local people over the last four years.

In 2014, author and respected paranormal investigator Ron Halliday insisted that the Moray sighting was “amazing stuff – and independent proof that people are experiencing ghosts”.

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