Moray refugee group set for charitable status

Refugee group to move to charitable status
Refugee group to move to charitable status

AN ORGANISATION FORMED from people in Moray who were concerned over the plight of refugee families fleeing their war-torn countries to Europe is to become a registered charity.

Moray Supports Refugees came about in September last year when a public meeting was held at the Elgin Town Hall amongst individuals and groups.

Around 70 people turned out at the public meeting and as a result a steering group was formed and from that Moray Supports Refugees was born. Since then the group have been undertaking work in gathering thousands of donations and assistance offers from throughout the region – while moving purposefully towards a more formal organisation.

Spokeswoman for the group is the Reverend Shuna Dicks, who said: “As a group we have been working hard on a variety of fronts – now he time has come to formalise our governance and to officially become a registered charity.

“To that end we are holding a launch event at Moray College on June 13 at 7pm to which we have invited everyone who previously expressed an interest in Moray Supports Refugees.

“The launch event is taking place during Refugees Week and as well as the business part of the event we will hear from a variety of speakers – including people who have volunteered in Calais and those who have been working with the families who have been resettled in Moray.

“We will also hear from Katy Berrecloth, who will be joining me in heading off day after the launch event for a week volunteering in Chios.

“We are particularly grateful for support we have received from Moray College UHI as part of the Community Planning Partnership.”

Anyone interesting in becoming members of the Moray Supports Refugees charity or requires more information about the launch event can contact the group through their Facebook Page or by email to  Information is also available on the Moray Supports Refugees website.