Security firm boss ensures road safety as car bursts into flames

Saltire Security
Saltaire Security ops manager Brent Johnson took charge of a dangerous situation this afternoon. (Pics: Brent Johnson)

A MORAY SECURITY firm were in the right place at the right time today to offer assistance when a vehicle caught fire on the A96 near Lhanbryde.

Saltaire Security operations manager Brent Johnson was on the spot and remained calm as he quickly sized up the situation and took control until the arrival of the Fire and Rescue Service and Police.

A spokesman for Saltaire said: “The A96 was at a standstill for a short period following the car fire east of Lhanbryde on the A96.

“Brent Johnson, our Operations Manager, was one of the first on the scene and immediately took control, ensuring all vehicles and persons were kept away from the incident until the police arrived. It is believed there were no casualties.”

The spokesman added that it was a situation where Brent’s training came to the fore, adding that the main outcome was that nobody appeared any worse for wear.

There were long tailbacks as emergency services dealt with the situation with police controlling the flow of traffic for a short time.

Firefighters were quickly on the scene (pics: Brent Johnson)
Firefighters were quickly on the scene (pics: Brent Johnson)