Video of Lossiemouth Typhoon attack is published by MoD

Video footage published of Typhoon attack in Iraq
Video footage published of Typhoon attack in Iraq

VIDEO FOOTAGE HAS been published by the Ministry of Defence showing an attack by RAF Lossiemouth Typhoons on targets in Iraq last week.

As part of their regular reporting informing the public of RAF activities over Iraq and Syria against Daesh terrorist groups, the attack this week on several boats from which rockets and mortars were being launched has been highlighted.

The operation against a barge on the Euphrates in Anbar province happened on Friday last week, with the Typhoons being called in after a Tornado on reconnaissance patrol spotted the barge being loaded and destroyed a truck carrying the weapons.

Highlighting the action by the Typhoons, which are currently based in Cyprus, the report added: “A Paveway-armed flight of Typhoons then arrived and used its bombs to destroy the weapons on the shore, and sink the barge.

“The same Typhoon flight also attacked a mortar position south-west of Fallujah. A second Tornado flight destroyed two heavy machine-gun positions on the north bank of the Euphrates, downstream from the recently liberated town of Hit.

“In northern Iraq, Typhoons struck another mortar, north-west of Mosul.”