Moray SNP parliamentarians move to reassure constituents

SNP MP and MSP will host public EU Referendum meeting next week.
SNP MP and MSP will host public EU Referendum meeting next week.

A PUBLIC MEETING to discuss the issues surrounding the European Referendum is to be hosted by Moray’s SNP Parliamentarians two days before the polls open.

Angus Robertson MP and Richard Lochhead MSP will set out their case on why Moray constituents should vote for the UK to remain a part of the European Union.

The meeting comes as opinion polls nationally indicate that exit campaigners have been winning the argument – although they also indicate that in Scotland those wishing to remain still enjoy a clear lead.

Not all SNP supporters are in favour of remaining in the EU, however, with one prominent member of the party, Paul Briggs, campaigning for an exit vote.

Revealing that the public meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 21 at 7pm in the Lecture Room of Elgin High School, Mr Robertson said: “In speeches and campaigning I have been setting out the positive case for remaining a part of the European Union.

“Tuesday’s meeting is a further opportunity for folk who may be undecided to come along and hear the case for staying in the EU.

“From the fundamental human rights on employment rights that we enjoy and which are protected by European legislation, to the huge importance of the European Market to Moray’s major exporting employers, there are enormous benefits from our EU Membership.”

Mr Lochhead added: “It is telling that many of those campaigning for an ‘out’ vote are the same people who have voted to erode workers’ rights and who have campaigned to remove human rights legislation.

“In contrast we are setting out a positive case such as the mutual benefits that provide us with access to free healthcare when we holiday in other European countries, human rights legislation, food safety and environmental protection.

“In addition we also see millions spent every year in the north of Scotland on infrastructure, education programmes, research work and much more besides. I would encourage folk who are undecided and looking to hear more about the reasons to remain to come along.”

Mr Briggs, who has temporarily resigned his voluntary post with the SNP in Moray until after the referendum, insists that the vote is not so clear-cut among party supporters in Moray: “Moray is a really big anti-EU area – I think there is a strong possibility Moray will vote to Leave, which is quite exceptional in Scotland.”