Movie Magic offer for young people in Moray

Youngsters offered another opportunity to take part in film production.
Youngsters offered another opportunity to take part in film production.

YOUNG PEOPLE ARE being offered an exciting opportunity to take part in the latest film-making venture looking at the rich history of several communities.

Creative Visions and Flood Film have been teaming up over the last year to produce features in Forres and Lossiemouth that look at heritage aspects of the communities seen through the eyes of local people.

From the beginning the projects have been used as an educational opportunity, introducing young people to film-making techniques from camera to production.

Last year the team produced the highly acclaimed ‘Lossiemouth Northern Lights’ – and since then having been working on further projects, including a film that looks closely at the history of HMS Fulmar – the name the Navy gave to RAF Lossiemouth when they were resident on the airfield.

Yvonne Findlay from Creative Visions told insideMoray: “The HMS Fulmar production will coincide with the reunion of the Fleet Air Arm/Buccaneer Squadron and that and our other projects are now in pre-production.

“We now have a few places available for young people interested in film-making, animation and music with sessions taking place in St James Church Hall in Lossiemouth as part of their ‘Creative Hub’ with St Gerardines this summer.

“Anyone who wishes to become involved or perhaps needs a little more information can contact me at”