New sinking sand warning on Lossiemouth beach

Warning issued over soft sand at Lossiemouth
Warning issued over soft sand at Lossiemouth

MORAY COUNCIL HAS issued a warning for people out walking on Lossiemouth’s East or West beaches to beware of soft, sinking sand.

An issue was identified recently on the West Beach where an outflow pipeline had been repositioned under the sand, resulting for a period in very soft sand that people were reporting resulted in their sinking up to their thighs.

Now a statement from the local authority is warning of difficult sands on both beaches at the Moray town, issuing a statement today that said: “The public are being asked to take care on the east and west beaches at Lossiemouth where there have been reports of soft sand in some areas.

“One person reported losing her footwear after straying into an area of soft sand on the beach.

“Anyone who finds themselves in difficulty, or who witnesses someone else in difficulty, should dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.”