Red carpet and gold spotlight on Lossie’s returning Olympic Medalist

Golden Glow on Covesea Light will welcome Heather Stanning home (pic: Tony Sanderson)
Golden Glow on Covesea Light will welcome Heather Stanning home (pic: Tony Sanderson)

LOSSIEMOUTH IS LAYING out the red carpet for their Olympic Gold heroine on Monday when Heather Stanning finally arrives back in her home town.

As was the case four years ago following the London games, Heather will head for the Lossiemouth Town Hall at around 3.30pm on Monday – where she hopes to meet as many local people as possible.

While this time around there will be no painting another local post box gold in her honour – but instead the iconic Covesea Lighthouse will be bathed in Gold for the first time on Monday evening, with plans being laid to make that a permanent feature.

“It has taken us quite a bit of planning starting immediately after the news that Heather had successfully taken a second Olympic gold,” Mike Mulholland, the chairman of the Lossiemouth Community Council said.

The community council – which includes as their Treasurer Helen’s father, Tim, formed a small sub-committee to plan the reception for Heather, who will first receive a civic reception by The Moray Council in Elgin.

She will then head for her home town and the more personal reception from residents, with Mr Mulholland adding: “We hope that as many people as possible can make it along to the Town Hall and provide Heather with the welcome she so clearly deserves.

“There will be a private reception on Monday evening, while also in the evening at 8pm the Covesea Lighthouse will be bathed in gold lighting, something we are hoping will then become a permanent feature but there is a bit of planning required for that to happen.

“As was the case in 2012, Heather expressed a desire to ensure as many young people as possible had a chance to chat with her about her Olympic experiences, so it has been arranged for Heather to visit each of the schools in Lossiemouth on Tuesday before she has to head back to London for other commitments.”

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