Firm imposes ‘Disgraceful’ 25% mark-up on shipping charges to Moray

Firm imposes stunning 25% shipping levy for delivery to Moray.
Firm imposes stunning 25% shipping levy for delivery to Moray.

OVERCHARGING FOR DELIVERY to Moray has been an issue that drives online customers to distraction – but this week one company has gone above and beyond on shipping charges to potential customers in Scotland.

Campaigns have come and gone over the years attempting to force online sellers to keep to their advertising hype when shouting out slogans such as “free delivery to the UK mainland” – only for customers to find in the small print that the UK mainland does not include anyone with an address north of Aviemore.

One such online seller has exceeded even the most crass of breaches this week however, Victorian Plumbing grandly proclaiming free delivery for over £500. Their advertising does, however, quote ‘restrictions apply’ – but for Lossiemouth customer Dug Coutts, the surprise was not so much the additional shipping charge made – but the fact that it amounted to around 25% of the total value of his order.

Dug told insideMoray: “Fair enough, I did expect to pay a little extra for shipping on my order, which was a little over the £500 quoted as attracting free shipping to mainland UK addresses.

“But the charge they added was a ridiculous £124.94 – and that, by any measure, is a disgrace. I pointed out that Lossiemouth is mainland UK, we have roads, shops – we are not surrounded by sea, and when I purchase goods from reputable firms such as Amazon they do not add on delivery charges just because my part of mainland UK is in Scotland.”

Desperation forced Dug to go ahead with his order as the equipment he was ordering was being fitted by a qualified plumber this week. However, he said the entire issue of overcharging left a bitter taste and is an issue that has gone on for far too long with companies still acting with impunity.

Dug added: “They are ripping me off because I live in Scotland – this is disgraceful discrimination, in a country where it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of race, colour or creed it seems crazy that companies can do so on geographical location.”

Last night Moray’s MP Angus Robertson agreed after learning of the charge levied against his constituent. He said: “Victorian Plumbing should be ashamed of themselves.

“Applying a charge of £125 when they will deliver elsewhere in the UK free of charge is utterly insulting. You really have to question the ethics of such a policy and the value they place on customers in the north of Scotland.

“I will be in contact with Victorian Plumbing and I will be questioning what efforts they have made to find the best delivery arrangements for people in this area and the other areas they charge for delivery. I simply cannot believe that they couldn’t find a better delivery arrangement.

“Plenty of companies have responded positively to criticism of unfair delivery charging and you would think that other companies would be more proactive on this issue that frustrates so many people in Moray, but apparently not!

“In the meantime I would urge people to think twice about using companies like Victorian Plumbing, who are whacking up costs for customers with ridiculously high delivery charges.”