SNP ‘hypocrisy’ charge explodes in Holyrood firework debate

MSP's in a tizzy over private Firework shows.
MSP’s in a tizzy over private Firework shows.

A LABOUR MSP has attacked his SNP opposite members with exhibiting “classic hypocrisy” over his attempts to highlight public concerns on the use of fireworks.

Regional Labour MSP David Stewart, whose constituency responsibilities includes Moray, acknowledged that he has received support in his campaign from the SNP’s Christine Graham MSP.

A row has developed following Mr Stewart’s call for the public to ‘Stop, Think and Reflect’ before setting off fireworks outside their homes. His primary concern was for elderly and sick neighbours who could easily be alarmed by the loud noises generated.

Mr Stewart also had concern for the many domestic pets and wildlife that are traumatised each year during the firework season.

However, several SNP MSP’s attacked Mr Stewart as a ‘killjoy’ – saying that letting off fireworks wass little more than a good, fun family event. Other MSP’s referred to the entire matter as being ‘trivial’.

However, this week another parliamentary motion was raised by Ms Graham that replicated most of the points raised by Mr Stewart – but going even further by calling for the unlicensed use of fireworks to be limited to defined festival periods.

Mr Stewart said: “This is classic hypocrisy from the SNP. A couple of weeks ago I just wanted to highlight the dangers and potential alarm caused by indiscriminate use of fireworks and some SNP MSPs called me a ‘killjoy’.

“Now we have an SNP member not only endorsing what I tabled before Parliament, but going even further and wanting what amounts to a ban on the general public use of fireworks.”