Happiest workers have jobs with the RAF or Army

Best cared for employees – those working for the RAF or Army.

FINDING JOBS WHERE you are treated well even when your health fails you has become more difficult to find as companies tighten their belt.

But according to a study conducted by an online job search business, many people in Moray have nothing to fear on that score – as working for the RAF or Army has scored highest with their civilian employees.

Their survey, conducted by Glassdoor, gave top rating on the care of employees to the RAF – closely followed by the Army, with John Lewis coming good in third place.

“The RAF provide brilliant medical and dental care free of charge – and even if you are long-term sick you will be paid in full,” one delighted employee said in a survey return.

Another, employed by the Army, pointed to the ongoing support: “If you have to leave you are supported through resettlement and have permanent access to job-finding support.”

The importance of the RAF and Army to Moray is already well established – and that will be brought into even sharper contrast with the current plans to greatly expand RAF Lossiemouth ahead of the establishment of a maritime patrol force at the Moray base.

While the days when Moray’s two bases at Lossiemouth and Kinloss supported well over 5000 jobs are behind us, they both remain significant employers in the region.