Lossie families urged to take up outdoor activity offer

COMMUNITIES IN LOSSIEMOUTH are being reminded of a scheme tailored to help them and their families to enjoy more active lives.

Funding from the Health Lottery and support from HealthKind and the Peoples Health Trust has enabled local outdoor activity group Outfit Moray to set up a new project targeting families, older people and young people.

The aim of Get Active Lossiemouth is to create stronger connections between people in the community, which are formed through sustained engagement in a project run by local people.

First announced in December, Outfit Moray CEO Tony Brown is keen to remind those in specific Lossiemouth postcode areas of the initiative, saying: “This is a fantastic opportunity to build a stronger community through shared adventure over a sustained period, as well as enjoying all of the great outdoor activities available here in Moray.

“All of the Outfit Moray team are very pleased to be working with the local community to help create and deliver this project.”

HealthKind selected a number of postcodes in the town and it is from these that participants will be recruited – so if you live in IV31 6LR 6LT 6LU 6LX 6LY 6LZ 6NA 6ND 6NR 6NS 6NT 6AH 6AQ 6RJ 6RL 6RN 6RP 6RQ 6RS 6RW 6SN 6JR 6JZ 6LA 6LB 6LD 6LE 6SS 6ST 6SW 6TF or 6TG, you can take part.

Contact Graeme Morrison on 01343 549571 or by email to graeme.morrison@outfitmoray.com – or visit Outfit Moray online at www.outfitmoray.com.

There will be a series of drop-in sessions at Outfit Moray on Shore Street in the town on Thursday, March 2 (5.30pm until 6.30pm) and Friday, March 10 (4pm to 5.30pm) when you can discuss the initiative.