Nursery worker who ‘waved scissors’ lands in court

Nursery worker threw scissors.

A COUNCIL NURSERY WORKER landed up in court this week where she admitted acting in a reckless manner, being aggressive and shouting and swearing.

Gail Cruickshank, 40, appeared at Elgin Sheriff Court on Thursday, facing an accusation that she had struck a youth with a pair of scissors she was holding while wildly waving her arms.

Employed by Moray Council, Cruikshank will now be subject of an investigation over her future employment – the local authority have said that she has not been at work since the incident (which took place away from her place of work) on December 23 and a decision will be taken on her future now that the police process had been concluded.

Cruickshank, who lives in Keith, was originally charged with assault but her plea to a lesser charge against just one youngster was accepted by the Crown. Fiscal Deputy Kevin Corrins told the court that Cruikshank was angry and upset at the time of the incident.

The injured youth had to be taken to hospital where a cut on the palm of the hand was treated.

Her solicitor admitted that his clients career was in the balance as a result of the incident, adding that she had learnt a lesson by spending an evening in the police station cells after her arrest.

Sentence was deferred until May for background reports to be undertaken.