Appeal for Moray experience to influence Social Security powers

SCOTLAND’S NEW SYSTEM for social security can be influenced by direct input from people in Moray on their personal experiences around the existing system.

At least 2000 people are being recruited to join ‘Experience Panels’ made up of people using the current system, and who will give their views on the design of Scotland’s new system and how to build and refine a better model.

Registration is now live and people can do so online and by post, while a phone-line will also be available for those who do not have online access or need additional support.

The panels will work closely with the Expert Advisory Group on Disability and Carers’ Benefits, chaired by Dr Jim McCormick, associate director for Scotland with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Social Security Minister Jeane Freeman said: “Scotland’s social security system will treat people with fairness, dignity and respect, and key to that is having people who use the current one right alongside us as we design and build our system.

“What we want is a system that works for people rather than one that tests their ability to fill out long and complicated forms. Our Experience Panels will help us understand the changes that need to be made to design Scotland’s social security system so it works for people and Scotland.

“We understand there are specific needs in communities across the country and what works in a city isn’t necessarily what works in rural Scotland, which is we why we need the views of people in Moray and beyond to help us shape the system.

“The system we are building will make a real and positive difference to the 1.4million people who rely on this critical financial support and I am asking anyone who wants to get involved in the process to register their interest in joining one of our Experience Panels.”

To sign up visit