Compost donation aims to bring colour to community projects

Harvey Morton from Kinloss community council loads up with compost supplied by Gregor Keenan.

COMMUNITY COUNCILS and groups are being offered the chance to help themselves on a first come, first served basis to a 20-tonne supply of compost.

The unusual donation that will provide a boost to those concerned with improving floral displays around the region has been provided by an Aberdeenshire-based waste recycling company.

Keenan Recycling, based in New Deer, collects food and garden waste from commercial businesses and local authorities, including Moray Council, that they turn into premium grade compost. The company offered the free compost supply on learning how several Moray community councils had approach the Council for a supply to help with their floral displays.

Faced with a perilous financial position Moray Council could not help – however, Keenan’s technical director, Gregor Kennan, stepped into the breach with the offer of a lorry load of compost free of charge.

That has now been delivered to the landfill site at Dallachy, near Spey Bay – and community councils and community groups can now help themselves, although priority has been given to three community councils who made the initial approach.

Mr Keenan said: “We enjoy a very good relationship with Moray Council and we are only too delighted to be able to help these local communities which clearly take a great pride in their appearance.
“I hope the compost helps to make these communities look even brighter this summer.”

Chairman of the economic development and infrastructure services committee at Moray Council, Councillor John Cowe, said that the local authority had been working with Keenan Recycling for over 12 years – sending 14,000tonnes of food and garden was for recycling through the firm.

He said: “We are very grateful for this very generous donation from the company and I am delighted that the waste materials which our communities have generated have come back to truly close the recycling loop.”

Since there is no way of telling how long the 20-tonne pile might last, community groups are advised to call the Dallachy site in advance on 01343 821659 to check availability.