Moray public called to voice their Independence fears

OPPOSITION TO AN INDEPENDENCE referendum will see a public meeting being held in Forres this evening hosted a local MSP.

Douglas Ross, who is a Moray-based regional Conservative MSP, called for the meeting as he prepares to oppose the move in a renewed debate in the Holyrood Parliament tomorrow, suspended last week due to the terrorist attack at Westminster.

While the Scottish Parliament, with the support of the SNP and Green parties, is expected to pave the way for a requested Independence Referendum, Mr Ross insists that it is a move that is not wanted by people in Moray.

He said: “In 2014 we said no, and we meant it, the last thing we need at this moment in time is another divisive campaign.

“Moray and Scotland as a whole rejected the case for separation less than three years ago and right now all our focus and efforts should be on pulling together as one and addressing the challenges which lie ahead of us, not re-running the independence arguments which many believe were settled in 2014.

“In response to a recent Parliamentary report which I issued, an overwhelming majority of Moray respondents indicated that the Scottish Government should get on with the task of running the country as opposed to holding a further referendum.

“The meeting [I am calling] in Forres will be for people who oppose another referendum to share their views and discuss how we can focus on delivering the best outcomes for the people of Scotland, not separating Scotland from the rest of the United Kingdom.”

The MSP added a wish to encourage people in Moray who oppose a further referendum on the Independence issue to attend the meeting and voice their concerns.

He added: “We were promised the vote in 2014 was a once in a generation referendum, whereas the SNP seem intent on running a series of ‘neverendums’ until they get the result they want. We need to stand up against their separatist agenda and remind the SNP we said No, and we meant it.”

The meeting will take place today (Monday) at 6.45pm in the Forres Town Hall.