Heartless thefts at Moray cemetery leaves mourners shocked

BEREAVED FAMILIES HAVE been left shocked at thefts from the graveside of their loved ones at Lossiemouth Cemetery.

insideMORAY readers have been in touch to report that thieves have been raiding the cemetery in recent weeks, removing floral tributes and other items left by family and friends.

“The cemetery at Lossiemouth is such a beautiful site – but someone is going in there and removing large tributes and other items, it is truly shocking,” one reader reported.

Another said: “I had placed a large floral tribute at the graveside of a very dear family member on the Saturday morning – when we returned the following day, it had gone. Why would people do something like this, why do people have to be so mean?”

Local councillor John Cowe told insideMORAY: “I had not heard of recent incidents at it is certainly worrying that such callous thieves are raiding family plots at Lossiemouth.

“I would urge that anyone who this has happened to report the incidents to police on 101 – they can then gather information and assess the seriousness of the problem – although I would stress just one such incident is one too many.”

Asked if video cameras monitoring the cemetery might be an option, Councillor Cowe said: “If the problem is serious enough then yes, that is certainly something that could be considered.”