Praise for work of RAFA as funding to landscape ‘contact’ homes approved

FUNDING HAS BEEN approved that will see long awaited landscaping improvements being made to a home and six flats provided by the Royal Air Force Association (RAFA) in Moray.

RAFA, a charitable organisation existing to provide support to the RAF family, has assisted RAF Lossiemouth in providing furnishings and other comforts at welfare houses – known as contact houses.

The Moray base has a committee of volunteers who ensure the smooth running of one contact house and six flats located in Lossiemouth. Over the years the committee has relied heavily on the support of RAFA to provide, amongst other items, white goods, microwaves, kettles, toasters, beds and sofas.

Not only does the organisation provide such items they will, subject to approval of funding bids, replace them as and when they are no longer fit for purpose.

Dave Mowatt, the RAFA Branch Support Officer for Scotland, recently visited the Moray base and provided the good news that funding has been approved to landscape the rear garden of the flats to provide a children’s play area.

The contact house committee have been in negotiation with local gardeners for some time with a view to upgrading the existing tired looking patio area and the news that RAFA will support the venture is one that is welcomed by all at the base.

Wing Commander Dan Lunnon-Wood, Officer Commanding Base Support Wing, recognised the additional support that the RAF Association provides to RAF Lossiemouth.

He said: “Without the continued support from RAFA it would be difficult to continue to provide such an excellent welfare provision to our personnel and their families. Moreover, our servicemen and women who give up their spare time to support both the running of the contact houses and the RAFA organisation should be proud of their contribution in support of welfare to the station.”

A priority system exists for the use of the accommodation with extreme welfare cases taking precedence. The flats are also used by serving parents who may have separated from spouses or partners and only have access to their children at weekend.

Many of these personnel live in single living accommodation during the week which is not suitable for children, so the flats provide an environment that both parent and child can enjoy valuable time together.

For many, Lossiemouth is many miles away from loved ones, so the flats can also be used by personnel who have wider family visiting the area.

The RAF are keen to show their support to the RAF Association and to do so there is also a RAFA committee on the base. The volunteers actively get involved in fundraising events whilst raising awareness of the fantastic work the organisation undertakes.