No excuse from motorist who drove 117mph on Moray rural road

A MORAY 22-YEAR-OLD gave no argument against accusations that he drove at almost twice the 60mph speed limit while being chased by police.

John Adamson whose address was given as being in New Elgin was travelling at 117mph when his Audi S3 was clocked on the B9040 between Lossiemouth and Hopeman.

Adamson appeared at Elgin Sheriff Court where it was revealed that police had problems staying with him when they gave chase – with the accused overtaking cars three at a time. Fiscal Alison Young told the court that at the speeds he was travelling he could easily have lost control – and that could have resulted in serious or fatal injuries.

The Fiscal added: “Along that stretch of road there are many small access roads leading to residential properties – I understand he overtook cars at an active junction – putting themselves and him at risk.

“A car using that junction would not expect somebody to be travelling at that speed.”

Adamson was eventually caught up by police as he finally slowed when approaching Hopeman from the east.

When asked by Sheriff Olga Pasportnikov if he took any issue with the report on the manner of his driving he simply replied “no”.

Adamson was disqualified from driving until he reappears in court on November 9 by which time reports will be prepared and sentence passed.