Police remind motorists and road users to take extra time

POLICE ARE REMINDING motorists and road users to take extra care at the end of a week that has seen several accidents on local roads – one fatal.

Repeating their warning about driving in the more challenging conditions presented in the winter months, the public are being urged to allow more time for journeys and to be extra vigilant when making them.

Road Policing Sergeant Pete Henderson said: “Sadly there have been a number of collisions recently and we have also seen pedestrians being injured in collisions.

“Pedestrians and cyclists need to be aware that it will be more difficult for drivers to see them. They can take steps to make it easier for others to see them which include wearing light coloured and reflective clothing.

“In general pedestrians should also face the flow of traffic so they can react to oncoming vehicles. Drivers should also be alert to pedestrians and respect their right of way keeping in mind that pedestrians have the same right to share the road space.

“Cyclists are reminded that it is mandatory for them to display a white light to the front of their bike and a red light to the rear during the hours of darkness. Failure to comply with this constitutes as an offence.

“Roads policing officers will be increasing patrols and a number of operations have already been carried out across the North East with drivers engaged with, educated and offered winter safety checks. If you have any concerns these can be reported to police on 101.”