Parking proposals makes no mention of Elgin Rail Station plans

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Council plan to charge at station is left out of proposal announcement

DETAILS OF CAR PARKING in Elgin have been released following the closed-door budget meeting of Moray Council today – but with no mention of the proposals to charge at the railway station.

The Council has said that a raft of recommendations will be put to the public, although these do not include the controversial daily charge being introduced, one that was hotly contested with two petitions being raised against the issue.

Under the latest proposals that have been detailed today, all council managed car parks will be categorised as high, medium or low turnover, determining the length of stay at each, as well as the parking fee.

The changes, aimed at making the best use of parking provision within Elgin, could also see Moray Council manage parking at both Cooper Park and North College Street West, so that enforcement can be carried out by car parking attendants to prevent misuse.

It’s proposed that charges will only apply at Cooper Park between 8am and midday, with the first 30 minutes free of charge.

Drivers who park at Batchen Street multi-storey could see their parking bills reduced to just £1 per day, while those parking for up to 30 minutes at ‘high turnover’ sites, including Moray Street, Ladyhill Road and St Giles levels 5 and 6, will have their parking bill halved to 50p.

All-day parking would not be permitted at high turnover sites, for medium sites a maximum fee of £5 per day could be levied, and £1 for all-day parking at other low turnover sites including Lossie Green and Lossie Wynd.