Sandbags at the ready as Council staff set to face a ‘perfect storm’

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High winds have arrived with worse expected.

COUNCIL SERVICES ARE expected to be facing a ‘perfect storm’ today and into the weekend as gale-force winds, rain and snow are all expected to hit the region.

Blizzard conditions are expected later today that are expected to affect high ground initially – but will have spread to all parts of Moray by Saturday.

To combat this ‘perfect storm’ of demands on the council’s services, teams are on standby to deliver sandbags to known hotspots that are likely to be affected by overtopping. Staff are currently monitoring the various seaside locations.

A Moray Council statement said: “Garmouth and Kingston are expected to be cut off for a short period this afternoon, but a quantity of sandbags are already on site in a well-rehearsed scenario for protection of the village. Once sandbags have been placed into position at the various at-risk locations in Moray, crews will then be manning road gritting trucks to treat roads in high-lying areas. This is expected to commence just after lunch.

“As the winds are now strengthening wheelie bins are at risk from being blown around. Residents are advised to secure them or if empty, to lay them flat. Bin collection teams will be leaving the emptied bins on their side during this period of high wind.

“Some trees and branches are likely to be blown down as the wind reaches its peak early this afternoon, and could cause hazards on the roads. Any such hazards can be reported to Moray Council who will respond as quickly as possible to clear the obstruction. The number to call is 0300 123 5465.

“Drivers are advised to be alert to the risks of travelling in such conditions.”