Four caught drink driving in one day prompts new police warning

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MOTORISTS THROUGHOUT THE north east are being reminded once again not to drink and drive after four motorists were caught on Thursday.

While not giving precise locations of those caught, road policing inspector Neil Morrison confirmed that four individuals were found to be over the limit – and with the weekend approaching when typically there is an increase in drink drive detection he has appealed for motorists not to take any risks.

He said: “Despite strong promotion over the years across the UK about the dangers and risks of drink driving and the highly publicised reduction of the Scottish drink drive limit in 2014, it is still disappointing that some people do think it is safe and acceptable to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking.

“Drink or drug driving is not acceptable and should not be seen as such. Police Scotland is fully committed to tackling this inconsiderate, anti-social and potential life changing behaviour and will continue to enforce the drink drive legislation across the region on a daily basis.

“Those who fail drink/drug drive tests can face a minimum 12 month driving ban, a criminal record for a lengthy period and a substantial fine. Obviously, there is also the risk of seriously or fatally harming themselves and other road users when a person takes the decision to drive whilst under the influence.

“I would also remind drivers that they can still be over the limit the morning after, and it is therefore always best to leave sufficient time before driving, ideally to later in the day.

“We are often alerted to possible drink drivers as a result of information received from concerned members of the public. We welcome this information and I would thank those who take the time to phone and report alleged drink drivers and I would encourage this practice to continue/

“Road safety is everyone’s responsibility and the information we receive, anonymously or otherwise, greatly assists us in being able to identify and tackle this issue head on.

“If you suspect someone of drink or drug driving please call in with details on 101. Alternatively to remain anonymous, you can also call the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.”