Leader of Moray Conservative group calls for calm and strong leadership

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THE LEADER OF the Conservative group at Moray Council is appealing to all councillors to recognised and accept the constraints the local authority is working under.

Councillor Tim Eagle has been commented after a tumultuous meeting on Tuesday that has produced a public backlash against the antics of rival Councillors which have been described as ‘childish’.

The Conservative leader said that there is an emerging optimism that the Administration group can guide the Council through – but that the ruling group needed a majority control of council committees to ensure their measures went through with due consultation of all elected members.

Councillor Eagle said: “Moray is simultaneously going through both a difficult and constructive time.

“I and my colleagues fully recognise the great constraints upon us financially and the huge responsibility it is to journey with the council through that. But equally as the Administration comes together and strengthens, as we grow in knowledge and as we talk more about the transformation in our services that will get Moray through this dark period, there is an emerging optimism that there are solutions and ways we can build the Moray we really want to see.

“I welcome the calls by Councillors on Tuesday to further ensure we talk with those not in Administration. However, as the group who took on the role of running the council we do need to be given the opportunity to lead with strength – and maintaining the committee numbers at their current level allows us the ability to do that.

“At this time Moray needs strong leadership and a sense of unity amongst it elected members.”