Back to school for business breakfast

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Elgin High students with DYW Moray manager Sarah Baxter (far right) and Aimee Stephen (far left) DYW Moray’s modern apprentice

A group of secondary school pupils are set to host a business breakfast event for local companies.

The pupils from Elgin High School have teamed up with DYW Moray and Moray Chamber of Commerce and will welcome business professionals from across the region at the networking event.

The S6 pupils who have opted to do Event Management as part of their learning will also be giving the attendees a presentation on how young people perceive the workplace, as well as an opportunity to speed network. Participants will also be treated to a play which will explore jobs and skills and how they have changed from 1980, and what they may look like in the future in 2050.

Passion Boyter (16) said she hoped that plenty of businesses attend as not only will they get to network, but they will be given an insight into the thinking of young people: “We are delighted to be hosting this event. For us, it is a proper event and we want the business people who attend to enjoy it. We have handled everything from the catering to the activities that the attendees will experience.”

She added: “It is great to be able to get access to the businesses. We are running it as a business breakfast, but we also wanted to use the opportunity entertain while showing business people what our expectations of working life are. We will be sharing our own experiences of being in employment and what we would like to see change for young people in the workplace.”

Callum Main also 16 added: “DYW Moray approached the school and asked if we would like to host the event. We have done several events before such as Christmas fairs and we ran tours of the old school building, but we haven’t done anything like this. The event management course has been great and it’s something that a lot of other schools don’t get to do, so it’s quite unique.

“We operate like a proper event management company and for this event have handled everything that a business person would expect. However, we also hope participants will like the fact that we not only will they get to network, but they will also be treated to a performance, a presentation and a Q&A session.”

The event which will take place on 8 November is being support by government funded organisation DYW Moray.

Sarah Baxter who runs the service said she was delighted with the concept the pupils have come up with. She said: “Myself and members from the Chamber of Commerce have attended several meetings with the young people and they have really taken on board what is required for this event. They are so enthusiastic and totally underrated what the business people’s expectations are. However, they have also brought some fresh ideas to the table too and there are not many networking events that I have been to where I have also been able to sit back and watch a play about employment. They have brought some really fresh ideas and I would urge businesses to get themselves booked on this event.”

Tickets for the event on 8 November are “buy one get one free”, and can bought from: