MP Douglas Ross sanctioned by Kremlin

Moray MP Douglas Ross has commented after being sanctioned by the Kremlin for spreading “Russophobic hysteria”. 

Douglas is one of nearly 300 UK politicians who have been hit by the sanctions by the Russian Foreign Ministry, including his fellow Scottish Conservative MPs. 

He says he will never apologise for standing up for Ukraine in light of Vladimir Putin’s invasion and certainly won’t be stopped by the latest sanction. 

Moray MP Douglas Ross said: “The Russian Government may think this will stop me and my colleagues from calling out their barbaric invasion of Ukraine, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. 

“Vladimir Putin’s despicable acts need to be condemned in the strongest possible terms and this won’t stop me.  For weeks now I have highlighted the strong support from the UK for the people of Ukraine and the tough sanctions imposed on Russia.  

“If this led to me being added to this list, then so be it.  

“It is another desperate act from a regime that is indiscriminately killing innocent people and destroying a fellow European country. 

“I will continue to stand with the people of Ukraine at every single turn and support them in every way I can. 

“Not being able to now travel to Russia doesn’t bother me in the slightest and pales into insignificance when considering the sacrifices the people of Ukraine are making on a daily basis.”