Dava road driver captures moment bridge crumbles in front of his eyes

A businessman who regularly drives the Dava road watched in horror as the bridge he uses to get to his customers, literally crumbled in front of his eyes.

Amazingly, he captured the moment on video as the bridge wall gave way and fell into the burn it crosses.

The Bridge of Dava carries the A939 over the Dorback Burn at Dava near the junction with the A940. The road at this point marks the border between Moray and Highland, and was closed on Friday following damage by a vehicle.

Carl Stewart drove out to the bridge on Saturday with his son Declan (8). He pulled over and said: “I was out with my youngest son just before 3pm to have a wee look at the bridge after hearing it was closed yesterday.

“While we were looking at the damage, I noticed several splashes and small bits dropping off into the water. I pointed this out to my son and started recording after a couple of minutes the damaged section collapsed into the burn below followed by a second section a few seconds later.

“Once I saw the damage to the bridge I thought it was the right thing for it to have been closed but as I watched the bit crumbling I realised that the bridge was moving and in danger of falling that’s why started recording.

“My son Declan gasped as it fell and yelled out ‘Oh my goodness, did you see that?’ It was quite sad watching as it fell having crossed the bridge many times over the years.

Carl lives in Cromdale and runs a garden machinery sales, repair and hire business CFS Services in Grantown. He uses the road to get to customers and visit family.

He added: “I have customers in both Nairn and Ferness and family in Nairn too. My delivery driver lives in Nairn and my regular courier driver also loves in Nairn, if the bridge is closed for a long time it’s going to cause a lot of issues for a lot of people.”

The Bridge of Dava was built more than 275 years ago, in 1746.

Pictures and video used with permission of CFS Services, Grantown