Findhorn most famous for its beach, tidal bay and eco-village. It has a poulation of around 1000 with a convenience store, ccafes, bakery, pubs and a watersports centre.

Findhorn beach

Findhorn beach is a superb sandy strip running from the village that bears its name to Roseisle. It is part of a single strip of sand that stretches all the way to Burghead, but as it passes each village or settlement, the name of the beach is attributed to its locality, eg, Roseisle Beach, Burghead beach.

National Geographic has rated this part of the coastline eleventh overall in the wold.

Findhorn Bay

Findhorn Bay is a local nature reserve, due in a large part to its birdlife. The tidal basin almost completely drains when the tide is out making it a perfect feeding ground for waders

Findhorn Foundation

The Findhorn Foundation is an eco-village and spiritual community.