2622 Squadron

We are the local RAF Reserve Squadron for the Highlands in Scotland and we are looking for good people between 18 and 54 years of age.

2622 (Highland) Squadron is made up of part-time Regiment Gunners who attend the monthly training weekends at RAF Lossiemouth. In addition to this, Gunners can volunteer for a period of active service with the Regulars, based in the UK, or abroad!

Joining our Squadron will keep you active, and put you in a variety of different situations. As attendance is only on a part-time basis it will fit in around your life, and even though you’ll be a volunteer you will get paid! With annual pay increases, travel expenses and a tax free annual bonus*, becoming a part of the Highland Squadron will benefit your bank balance and your life.

*For accurate, up to date and full details call us on 01343 810776.*

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Telephone Contact – 01343 810776


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