Murray’s Moray pal gets him in tune for Wimbledon

US Open tennis champion Andy Murray is preparing for his latest tilt at Wimbledon this week – to a song penned and performed by a former training buddy from Elgin.

Keith Meisner never quite reached the tennis heights of his old mate from Dunblane, although the game remains firmly in his sights as a coach at the David Lloyd coaching centre on the outskirts of Aberdeen.

He has also swapped his racket for a guitar, writing and performing his music under the guise ‘Exile of Elgin’, producing a twelve-track album earlier this year, ‘Drink while you’re Here’.  Live performances have including appearances at Celtic Connections and Speyfest as well as a memorable performance of his own work at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow.

A former Scottish tennis champion whose dad used to mix turning out for Elgin City while driving his son to tournaments around the country, Keith travelled to New York to watch Andy land his first grand slam tournament – but has no regrets that his own life did not take the same turn as that of his famous friend: “I have no regrets when I see how well Andy has done on the world stage – he was always a level up from the rest of us and was destined for great things.

“I penned the song ‘Under The Lights’ which is all about him. it describes the pressure he’s constantly under on centre court and in front of the world’s media.”

Now Andy has used his own Facebook page to boost his old friend’s work, taking time out as he prepares to go one better on his 2012 Wimbledon final defeat to Roger Federer.

Visit Keith’s page on Facebook for further details.

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