Tourists to get the VIP treatment in Elgin

Elgin City Centre

The moving of the Tourist Information Centre away from Elgin’s main shopping areas to the library has been a bone of contention in the city for some time.

However, an initiative by Elgin Bid is aiming to alleviate some of the problems faced by visitors by placing new Visitor Information Points (VIPs) at various points along the main shopping areas.

The organisation, which was set up to promote Elgin’s city centre, says that visitors can now pick up information leaflets or seek advice on what is happening in the local area, with the Elgin Bid manager, Gill Neill, commenting: “The initiative provides another opportunity to make visitors feel welcome.

“Elgin and the surrounding area has lots to offer, and the enthusiasm of the businesses who have volunteered to host the VIPs is bound to make people visiting the area feel at home.”

One of the business owners involved is Lee Barton, who owns Olive Tree Chocolate – located right next door to where the Tourist Information Centre was once located. ¬†She said: “We have a great deal of local knowledge which we are able to share and we get more touring visitors that maybe you would expect.”

VIPs are also located on South Street at Gordon & MacPhail or Sound and Vision, on Batchen Street at Mathesons Stores, and on the High Street the Elgin Museum, Focus Martial Arts and Olive Tree Chocolate.

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