Hollywood is a dream but Moray keeps Kevin grounded

Kevin McKidd – grounded in Moray.

Becoming an international superstar can turn the head of any Elgin loon – but Kevin McKidd insists that he does manage to keep both feet firmly on the ground, by returning home as often as possible.

The star of the smash-hit ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ has just announced he will remain in the role of Dr Owen Hunt for as long as he is wanted, having already completed a run of six seasons on the show.

But in an interview this week, Kevin admitted that he still finds it difficult to believe that a boy form Moray could end up living the high life in California.

Kevin said: “I still pinch myself that I’m living in Hollywood, on a TV show and playing this great character alongside all those amazing actors.

“I try to go back to Scotland twice a year because it just sort of grounds me, you know what I mean?

“I love my life here, but it is very unreal. So it’s nice to go back to my home town at least a couple of times a year and just walk it.

“All my pals are still my pals and I mean nothing’s really changed and I’m living this great roller-coaster ride right now but my life really is also that. I’m not removed from that.”

McKidd revealed that his parents travelled to Hollywood this month to help him celebrate his 40th birthday.

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