Council hail car-saving good-news story

Moray Council – pool car savings.

Moray Council are hailing savings of £176,000 after just one year of using a new fleet of pool cars as a ‘good news story’.

The local authority decided to change their transport strategy in 2011 from paying staff to use their own cars to the introduction of a new pool car system – now they are considering purchasing more of their own vehicles.

Currently Moray has 66 Vauxhall Corsa cars and 28 vans, as well as five ‘smart’ cars, a Peugeot Ion electric vehicle and a Vauxhall Ampera hybrid that runs on petrol or electricity.

Members of the audit and performance review committee were told this week that this was a “good news story” as the savings had exceeded all expectations, with Buckie councillor Gordon McDonald, who chairs the committee, saying:  “There may be criticism out there of the pool cars, but the financial saving is there for all to see, and it can be looked at further on a spend to save basis”

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