More traffic woes set for main Moray route

Elgin motorists are set to face more traffic disruption next week as a main route in the town is partially closed to allow water main works to progress.

New Elgin Road saw major disruption during the summer as it was completely closed to traffic for six weeks – now a similar fate awaits nearby Edgar Road from the Asda roundabout.

Westbound traffic will not be allowed along the road during five days of works from Monday from 7pm to 7am each day, with drivers being advised to use adjacent streets to bypass the works.

While there are no residential homes along the part of the road being closed off, alternative routes will carry traffic through residential areas during the works.

Local councillor John Divers said that people know that the works are necessary, adding: “With New Elgin Road there obviously were a few issues to start with, but they soon smoothed over.

“If they are doing it from 7pm to 7am then it will be quieter periods, you would assume that traffic coming from that way, the majority of it, will be local traffic who will know their way around.

“I don’t see it being a big issue – it may put pressure on New Elgin bridge but at night time it is not the same issue.”

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