Encouraging reduction in crime recorded throughout Moray

Assaults in Moray have fallen by 4% while robberies in the region has seen a massive 40% decrease, according to figures release by Police Scotland.

The latest Scottish Government statistics also show vandalism cases have fallen by 17% when compared to the same period last year, while the data covering the first six months of Police Scotland’s existence show an 8% fall in the number of recorded sex offences.

However, housebreaking thefts have increased by almost a quarter at 24% – although the detection rate for these crimes has also seen an increase of 15%.

Moray Division Chief Inspector Willie Findlay said the figures reflect the dedication and professionalism of the police officers and staff in the area.

He added: “The performance report highlights a number of positive outcomes for the Moray area which is to a large extent down to the positive relationships which have been built up with partner organisations including the Moray Council, NHS Grampian and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service as well as our communities.

“Our focus is on keeping people safe and we have listened to the concerns of our communities and acted upon them. For example vandalism was an area of concern and due to initiatives focused on tackling the issue and anti-social behaviour we have seen a 17% reduction.

“Although we have seen a slight increase in the number of thefts in the area our detection rate has also increased.

“The rise in the number of reported incidents of domestic abuse is down to the support and encouragement victims or those who know victims are being given in coming forward.

“Tackling domestic abuse is very much a priority under Police Scotland and we will proactively identify and arrest offenders and continue to monitor their compliance with any bail conditions or home curfews after they’ve been to court.

“Effective long-term reductions will only occur if we work closely with partners and strong relationships have been established with the Moray Domestic Abuse Partnership which works with a wide range of statutory and voluntary organisations in the area of domestic abuse.”

Chief Superintendent Mark McLaren, Divisional Commander for Aberdeenshire and Moray, said: “The performance report highlights a number of positive outcomes for the Moray area since the formation of Police Scotland on April 1, including numerous operations and initiatives focused on keeping people safe. However, we will not become complacent and our primary focus is to maintain and increase the rate of crime detection throughout Moray.

“Thefts from vehicles and property remains a concern, and we have launched several campaigns urging residents to lock their doors and leave their property secure when unattended.

“Overall, the detection rate for crimes of dishonesty is steadily improving and our on-going focus within the division is to reduce the number of thefts recorded and continue to see an increase in the detection rate.

“Our message is clear – we will continue to listen to the concerns of our communities and will act upon them.”

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