Elgin ready to take on Superfast broadband

Internet users in Elgin have received a major boost this week with BT having now completed upgrades to the local telephone exchange that brings superfast broadband to the town.

Home or business users on the Elgin exchange have up to now been able to access the internet at download speeds of up to 16mb – the new upgrade, however, will allow connections of up to 38mb using their ‘Infinity’ system.

Elgin is the latest area to benefit from a major roll-out of fast broadband connections with users on the Lossiemouth exchange being told that they should have the new fast systems in place by March next year.

In October it was also announced that as well as Lossiemouth exchanges in Buckie, Hopeman and Lhanbryde would be included in the first round of publicly-funded fibre broadband installations in Scotland.

Anyone connected to the Elgin exchange is being invited to contact their existing supplier about the availability of an upgrade to the superfast service.

Details on when exchanges are being updated can be found on the BT Openreach website.

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