Brave attempt to recruit Hollywood star as Grant Lodge figurehead

Kevin McKidd

An attempt is being launched to recruit Elgin’s Hollywood superstar Kevin McKidd as a figurehead behind the campaign to save Grant Lodge.

Campaigners believe that through recruiting such a well known figure to their cause there will be a greater urgency to save the historic site.

Moray Council have neither the political will nor the financial resources to restore the building to anything like its former glories, with past administrations responsible for largely ignoring the issue as the building was left to decay after a fire in 2003 caused severe damage.

Earlier this month Councillors agreed to drop a feasibility study into finding a use for the building which can trace its history to 1750.

Now the Friends of Grant Lodge group has contacted McKidd through his official website to ask if he might be interested in helping their cause.  Local historian David Willox said: “Kevin’s support would be appreciated – for him to spearhead a campaign would be great.”

A spokesman for Mr McKidd’s website said that the request had been passed to the actor, adding: “He will most likely make contact directly or through his agent if he is keen.”

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