Brave Elgin youngster up for national charity award

An Elgin youngster who suffers from a tumour on his optic nerve that could potentially leave him blind has been nominated for a charity award.

Keane Campbell suffers from the rare condition neurofibromatosis type 1, known as NF1, but has shown remarkable bravery by taking part in several Kiltwalk event supported by his family.

The five-year-old and his grandmother, Hazel Robertson, have both been nominated for awards and are expected to attend the Kiltwalk awards ceremony at Glasgow’s Central Hotel this evening.

Keane will require an operation on the tumour if it gets any larger – and that could potentially leave him blind. When he first took ill his family rallied around and set up the Keane’s Stars organisation that has gone on to raise thousands for good causes in the last two years.

While the charity was set up originally to raise funds for Keane it now helps many other local causes and last year the team managed to raise around £25,000 for Kiltwalk, a charity started by the Scotland football ‘Tartan Army’ on behalf of children’s charities.

Keane’s mother, Jenna Robertson, said: “Keane has low muscle tone so we were told he would not be able to walk long distances, but he walked eight miles at the Aberdeen Kiltwalk and six miles at the Speyside Kiltwalk.”

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