Buckie VC holder honoured as part of WW1 commemoration

Memorial stones at 44 Scottish towns.

A unique carved paving stone commemorating Buckie man George McIntosh VC is to be placed on the town’s war memorial.

The stone is being put in place as part of commemorations marking the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. Buckie has been chosen as one of 44 towns throughout Scotland to receive the paving stones to mark and honour holders of the Victoria Cross.

Designed by Charlie MacKeith, the stones form a circular design that “makes one pause to remember”. It uses the material, form and lettering of memorials used by the War Graves Commission, the winning design having been selected by seven judges including novelist Sebastian Faulks.

Local MSP Stewart Stevenson said the memorial was a fitting manner for Buckie’s VC holder to be remembered.

He said: “In common with many other nations, Scotland suffered terrible losses during the Great War.

“In this, the year of the centenary of the outbreak of the war, it is right that we remember those who made the supreme sacrifice or showed heroism to help their comrades, not least because, very often, these people were given no choice but to enlist for war service.

“It is fitting that Buckie’s VC holder will be honoured by the town in this way.”

Moray MP Angus Robertson added: “The Victoria Cross is the highest award for valour that a member of the armed forces or a civilian under military command can be given and the recipients of a VC should rightly be honoured for their actions.

“VC recipients like Buckie’s George McIntosh invariably carried out an action under extreme duress that has saved lives and contributed to a critical success in the heat of battle.

“It is right and proper that people like Flight Sergeant McIntosh get significant recognition and these memorial slabs will be an important mark of respect from the communities that the recipients hail from.

“With many VCs being awarded during the First World War, the centenary of that conflict seems like a fitting time for this recognition to be made.”

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