Community safety partnership to launch six-week attack on noisy neighbours

Noisy and nuisance neighbours are to become the focus of a six-week initiative being launched by the Moray Community Safety Partnership.

In a campaign that will target those who play music too loudly or have their television turned up to an unacceptable level, the partnership will draw on the assistance of Moray Council, Police Scotland and housing providers to combat anti-social activities.

Community Wardens will be visiting all householders who are the subject of complaints from their neighbours – and told that noise and nuisance is unacceptable. They will be warned that it could result in their appearing in court or being issued with an anti-social behaviour order.

Andy Jamieson, who is Moray Council’s anti-social behaviour co-ordinator, said: “If you are a householder suffering from a noisy neighbour it can have an adverse affect on your quality of life and health.

“The initiative will tackle all forms of domestic noise, including barking dogs, and I am appealing to all dog owners to ensure that if dogs are left unattended for extended periods they are not barking and annoying neighbours.

“The community safety partnership is determined to tackle the noise problem and is appealing to all householders to be considerate of their neighbours. Community wardens and police officers will be deployed to carry out joint visits to persistent offenders.”

Police Scotland said that noise nuisance can come in many forms – from loud music to constantly barking dogs.

Sergeant Harry Gordon said: “Many of these incidents can be prevented with a little thought from all of us.

“The Moray Community Safety Partnership is not discouraging people from enjoying their homes, only asking that they be considerate to others.”

Anyone suffering excessive noise from a neighbour should contact the anti-social behaviour reporting line on 0800 587 7197 or Police Scotland on 101.

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