Schools deputation helps prepare Leuchars families for Lossiemouth

Moray deputation visit to Leuchars.

Families currently based at RAF Leuchars in Fife have received a visit from a Moray Council delegation ahead of their move to Lossiemouth.

The RAF will begin their withdrawal from the Fife base this summer with most moving north to Moray.

Children of RAF personnel will begin to enrol in schools at Elgin and Lossiemouth and that is just one of the issues discussed in a meeting at the community centre at Leuchars on Thursday evening.

Family representatives were given a presentation by Lindsey Stanley, who is business support team manager for Moray’s education service. Mrs Stanley was accompanied by David Barnett, the head teacher at Elgin Academy and Linda Brown, who is head at Lossiemouth High School.

Primary schools were represented by Kathleen Blacklaw from Bishopmill, Hazel Sly from Seafield, Stephanie Gibson from St Gerardine’s and Madeline McCutcheon from Hythehill.

The delegation will visit schools in and around Leuchars today to begin the process of enrolling pupils ahead of their move, with around 100 expected to have been enrolled ahead of the school session in August.

Mrs Stanley said the aim was to provide parents with an introduction to local schools and education provision in Moray in a move that mirrored that taken two years ago when a deputation visited Waterbeach in Cambridgeshire ahead of Army families moving to Kinloss.

She said: “We hope it will help make the transition smoother for parents and the children who will be enrolling in our schools.

“It will also provide an opportunity for parents to raise any questions or issues they may have and for them to meet the head teachers from the schools where their children are likely to enrol.”

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