Moray pub employs social media to help trace suspected dog fouler

A Moray pub took an unusual step in the fight against dog fouling – by publishing images from their CCT camera that appears to show a dog walker allowing his pet to foul at the pub door.

The Steamboat Inn in Lossiemouth took immediate action on Monday when a gentleman wearing a baseball cap was filmed pausing outside their front door as his pet did his business.

After the man moved away with no attempt to clean up after his pet the Pub placed the images on their Facebook social media page – along with the message “Just wonder if anyone knows this gentleman? His dog seems to have left something at our front door!”

Dog Fouling is becoming an increasing issue throughout Moray and in particular in Lossiemouth, where local dog owner and animal rescue coordinator Stuart Evans has led a local campaign against irresponsible owners for several years.

Mr Evans and other volunteers have toured the town with supplies of ‘doggy bags’ cleaning up the mess left by owners who have simply refused to do so themselves.

Dog Fouling in the town has been regularly raised at Community Council meetings while posters are being put up in key areas around the town by Community Wardens, warning of a £40 penalty against the owner or person in charge of a dog and failing to clean up after them.

People in Moray are being encouraged to assist by calling the antisocial behaviour hotline on 0800 587 7197 and reporting owners who fail to clear up after their pets.

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