New radar systems moving north could herald end of RAF wind turbine objections

A flood of wind turbine applications could be anticipated in Moray following the development of a new radar system for the RAF that would end their objections to planning applications.

Until now one of the main reasons used by Moray Councillors to reject planning applications for the turbines has been the effect they can have on RAF flying operations from Lossiemouth.

However, reports in the Press and Journal today indicate new systems being installed at Buchan and Benbecula have been passed as ‘windfarm friendly’ – with a Ministry of Defence (MoD) spokesman saying that they would “mitigate the effects of wind turbines on the radar capability”.

While it is not yet known if RAF Lossiemouth would receive the new technology with the Moray base currently in the midst of an £85million upgrade ahead of the arrival this year of Typhoon aircraft from RAF Leuchars it may be a consideration for defence chiefs.

An MoD spokesman admitted that the new systems would reduce the effects turbines have on their radar, saying: “The radar systems are being upgraded to provide ongoing support to air defences.

“The work will help to mitigate the effects of wind turbines on the radar capability.”

Similar systems have already been installed in Northumberland and Yorkshire in 2012 – the costs of these, thought to have been around £27million, was met by windfarm developers.

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